From Akaroa, New Zealand - Welcome to Atmos!

Kia Ora koutou 

We take pride in being a small, family-owned business dedicated to the art of creating exceptional handmade guitar straps.

I'm Alex and along with my partner Emma and daughter Bowie we make the Atmos family.

The idea for Atmos came after I decided to make a unique and robust strap for myself, I enjoyed the calm and focused creative process in crafting something of quality and style.

I then found guitarists like yourself who wanted one for themselves or who thought they would be the perfect gift for a friend. I knew I needed to create something I was proud to sell.

It has since been a long road of leather crafting, strap design and testing on stage.
We wanted to make sure these straps were fullproof and wouldn't spontaneously drop a guitar in the middle of a set.

The result was Atmos NZ, a small New Zealand business selling high-quality handmade guitar straps.

I also have a background in conservation and ecology, this led to the merging of two worlds with our NZ wildlife guitar straps.

We are proud to be a small New Zealand business and are happy to share our love for music and nature in our products.

Thanks for visiting.

The straps

Handmade Craftsmanship
Each strap showcases attention to detail, durability,
& instrument enhancement.

Superior Quality
Highest quality materials, sturdy stitching & reinforced genuine leather ends for long-lasting reliability.

Comfort & Ergonomics
Provides enhanced support, weight distribution,
& adjustable options for extended playing sessions.

Unique Style
Make a statement with a one-of-a-kind guitar strap
that sets you apart on stage, in the studio, or during
your jam sessions at home.